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Durban Travel Show

A Durban Travel Documentary Show: We filmed this travel show for a German TV show called Grenzenlos. Check out the shark diving sequence at 3:50 (no cage). Still can’t believe we actually did that! A fun travel show we filmed for the German TV Show Grenzenlos. Grenzenlos :: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZjlkF37uIEyg7QQZ8qdNw

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Real Riel

There is a beautiful Afrikaans expression: “Dans lat die stof so staan”. This expression probably originated after someone witnessed farm labourers performing the Rieldans. The Rieldans is a combination of frantic footwork, animal-like movements along with courtship rituals, which all combine in a highly energetic and entertaining dance form. This dance is often used to […]