Put Foot Rally 2012

In less than three weeks time Mark Chipps of Goosebump Productions will be leaving for an epic African adventure, along with his good mate Sybrand Cillie. They will be taking part in The Put Foot Rally, the 1st, biggest and only social rally in Africa. Along with about 200 other crazy people they will travel through 6 countries in 17 days and cover roughly 7000kms.

The Put Foot Rally is not a race, but rather fun way to experience Africa with like minded people.

They will be calling themselves Team Plan B and along with the rest of the 60 odd Put Foot teams we are raising money for Project Rhino KZN and The Put Foot Foundation.

Being half decent photographers they decided instead of simply begging for money we are going to send each and everyone that makes a donation a beautiful photograph print from our trip. Have a look at their website for all the info and to follow them on their journey.

PLEASE help them to support these wonderful charities!!!