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NGO Promotional Video Production :: Nonceba

Nonceba is a family counseling centre based in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

At dawn, it’s usually more than day that’s breaking, or lies broken in Khayelitsha  – rising to face another cycle of trauma and abuse.

Here, the light they exude is daily testament to spirit of those who suffer most – the women and children of “Khayelitsha”, meaning  “Our New Home” in isiXhosa.

Drowning in its landlocked sea of grinding poverty & lack of access to resources. Battered by hourly waves of child & gender violence. Pounded by a pandemic of sexual abuse.

On the outskirts of Cape Town, one of most beautiful cities on Earth; beauty here lies enveloped by tragedy. Progress is measured in millimetres of wellbeing.

And the obstacles that the most vulnerable must face alone, are endless, exhausting, almost obscene, with limited support from organs of state.

Like a fertile eco-system clinging to barren rock; Nonceba is a resilient life-force rooted in Khayelitsha – sustained by love’s power to thrive in the most adverse conditions.

In one of the domestic abuse capitals of the world, the shared seeds of a transcendent dream, have grown into a destination hope. Creating a safe space of deep human compassion and specialist skills. Combining to bring true care.

Nonceba means concern In isiXhosa. It translates to love in action in Khayelitsha- a ray of hope – lighting the way for others to find theirs.

Like mushrooms, shame and trauma multiply in the dark, and through Nonceba; only the light of profound human concern dispels them.

Given its context, Nonceba’s core mission is ultimately clear: To significantly reduce levels of domestic violence in Khayelitsha – particularly woman and child sexual abuse.

And to do so by offering multiple layers of support: for those abused, their families and their communities.

Most Crucially …to prevent future abuse through community outreach and education programmes.

Set in an environment where women are relentlessly victimised – none are treated as hapless victims at Nonceba. Re-empowered as whole humans beings.

Life can be unkind, but not always gloomy, in Khayelitsha, except when the shadow of sexual violence falls on a child’s face. And its ability to still smile at you, is the most humbling experience you will ever have.

Life is a verb, and love is the only remedy against fear at Nonceba. Embodying healing, through daily care and prevention. Ripping away the roots of abuse on the ground where they spawn.

Nonceba was born out of Ubuntu’s spirit of a shared humanity – a community vision evoking a collective effort across Cape Town and the world. Receiving global attention though a film made by Ashley a young girl, who as a Rotary Exchange Scholar drew in the Rotary movement and took the story as far afield as Japan. Tragically taken far too soon; her light still shines in Nonceba’s healing torch, inspiring young people to dispel the dark with their own glow.

Today, the shared dream of a Khayelitsha free of domestic and sexual abuse, takes another crucial step forward, with Nonceba … and through you.

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