Corporate Video Production

Video is the universal language. If done properly it is the best way to communicate your corporate message.

Based in Cape Town, Goosebump Productions offers the following professional corporate video productions:

Corporate Promotional videos

  • Brand story videos that tell the world who you are
  • Exhibition stand videos to promote your product or service
  • Web videos to enhance your website
  • Viral videos for social media

Corporate Induction & Safety videos

Convey a standard message to all new recruits to your organisation offering multiple language selections.

Training / Instructional videos

We produce professional training videos that can be used by your clients or internal staff.

Team building events

We produce fun team building highlights videos. Give each member of the team a video to take home and remember the awesome event.

Behind the scenes

If you are planning to do an exciting community project, then get it filmed professionally, let your staff “tag” themselves in the video and create a viral campaign to show what a great company you are!

Why is video the best tool?

  • Remove language barriers
  • Improves Google ranking
  • Standardize the message you convey
  • Use of customer testimonials to gain credibility
  • Enhance conferences
  • Energize exhibition stands
  • Convey your message in reception areas
  • Boost a website
  • Capture the highlights of an event
  • Relay big screen events to a larger audience
  • Standardize training
  • Convey a powerful message through sound and image
  • Enable in-store playback
  • People can “tag” themselves on social media, which helps the video to spread virally.

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