“Goosebump Productions are exceptional. They are talented, highly innovative and surprisingly quick in getting a perfect product to the client. The videos they produce are not only aligned to the brief, they are artistic and remarkably impactful. True works of art. Goosebump has created breathtaking videos (and photographs) for our current business as well as for two previous businesses, which included corporate training videos; videos of various corporate events; and videos of the many national Corporate Social Investment “CSI” projects we ran – the latter still being discussed between colleagues as being “hair-raisingly phenomenal”. A review cannot do sufficient justice to their skill, artistry and final product. And working with them is delightfully uncomplicated. (Truth be told – we refuse to even entertain the thought of using another company).”
Charlie Kirk (Meshuggah Sweets)

“The pure joy and satisfaction that this video provides our management and audiences… is beautiful to watch.”
Riana Geldenhuis (Drakenstein Municipality)

“Mark Chipps is one of the most versatile, creative and practical cameramen DOP’s I’ve ever met.
He can use any of the latest cameras or drones with great precision and unflappable concentration, enabling him to produce a whole series of carefully crafted visual stories, poetic cutaways and telling interviews from every conceivable angle, appropriate focal length and suitable depth of field.
This allows an editor to weave his own magic and build a fascinating exploration into the authenticity of our transparent lives from a veritable treasure trove of Mark’s stunning images and sounds.
Lastly what really marks him out and places him head and shoulders above his cameramen peers is his ability to engage in such a down to earth, simple and unassuming sincerity, with any subject he is filming, be they shy and innocent children or rampaging tyrants, disarming and charming them into revealing their inner world without them realising that they’re being subtly turned inside out for all the world to intimately know.”
Gary Janks (Director of Contemporary Film Productions)

“It’s been a real pleasure working with you and appreciate how you go the extra mile in your services.”
Talitha Loftus (Open Box Software)

“I just wanted to highlight some of the praise we have begun to get for the LEAP adverts you created. People are calling and emailing to say they have seen them and how wonderful they are. We are really pleased and proud of them. Thank you again for all your hard work, creativity and patience in the process. We will highly recommend you to anyone needing similar coverage”.
Sabrina Lee (LEAP Science and Maths Schools)

“We are extremely happy with the workmanship and professionalism that you offered us. It was a wonderful experience.”
Susan Walker (Director: AHLE-X)

“I have worked with Mark on several occasions and have always found his camera work and editing to be of the highest standard. He has a great eye for getting the shot and this he carries through to the editing suite. He is very dependable and I can relax knowing he won’t let me down. You were fantastic to work with and we are really happy with the final product!
Samantha Peters (Manager: WWF)

“The professionalism in which the work was done, the initiative that was shown and the fresh ideas that were implemented during this process was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. We had amazing feedback from our clients.”
Hardus Zevenster (CEO: Radio Tygerberg 104fm)

“The Video footage is AWESOME, thank you so much for making it happen!”
Dominic Peters (Goldfish)

“You are really BRILLIANT!!!!”
Karen Von Wielligh (General Manager: Playboy South Africa)