Nonceba promotional video

NGO Promotional Video Production :: Nonceba Nonceba is a family counseling centre based in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. At dawn, it’s usually more than day that’s breaking, or lies broken in Khayelitsha  – rising to face another cycle of trauma and abuse. Here, the light they exude is daily testament to spirit of those who suffer […]

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NGO Promotional Documentary Video for Peace Parks Foundation

NGO Promotional Documentary Video for Peace Parks Foundation: Through mentorship, sport development, education and counselling, the Hlawula Vutomi programme inspires youth living in or adjacent to the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park to identify opportunities for their own development as leaders, elevate a sense of appreciation for the value of wildlife and nature, and strengthen their […]

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Durban Travel Show

A Durban Travel Documentary Show: We filmed this travel show for a German TV show called Grenzenlos. Check out the shark diving sequence at 3:50 (no cage). Still can’t believe we actually did that! A fun travel show we filmed for the German TV Show Grenzenlos. Grenzenlos ::