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  • What do we do?

    Video Production & Photography. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Why choose us?

    We use modern technology resulting in small resourceful crews. We are honest about expenses and pay attention to detail. We have diverse corporate experience from large corporates to small start-up’s and we understand how passionate people are about their brand. We always strive to exceed all expectations.

  • Why we do it?

    We love stories, people, travel, discovering and creating. Video production and photography encompasses all that and more.

  • What they’re saying

    “It’s been a real pleasure working with you and appreciate how you go the extra mile in your services.” Talitha Loftus (Open Box Software)


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Recent Posts

  • Drakenstein

    Drakenstein © Goosebump Productions-7709

    We were asked by the Drakenstein Municipality to capture some lifestyle images of the area.

  • OpenBox Recruitment Video

    Openbox Recruitment

    An example of a corporate IT recruitment video for a developer company in Cape Town – produced by Goosebump Productions.

  • Old Mac Daddy

    Old Mac Daddy

    Daddy’s World is one awesome company to be associated with. In their portfolio are companies like the Old Biscuit Mill, the Woodstock Exchange, The River Club and many more, but a family favorite is undoubtedly Old Mac Daddy’s out in Elgin. It’s a children’s playground – and some of us just never grow up. They […]