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About Us

Meet the team
  • What do we do?

    Video Production & Photography. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Why choose us?

    We use modern technology resulting in small resourceful crews. We are honest about expenses and pay attention to detail. We have diverse corporate experience from large corporates to small start-up’s and we understand how passionate people are about their brand. We always strive to exceed all expectations.

  • Why we do it?

    We love stories, people, travel, discovering and creating. Video production and photography encompasses all that and more.

  • What they’re saying

    “It’s been a real pleasure working with you and appreciate how you go the extra mile in your services.” Talitha Loftus (Open Box Software)


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Recent Posts

  • Durban Travel Show

    Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 21.06.10

    We filmed this travel show for German TV. Check out the shark diving sequence at 3:50 (no cage). Still can’t believe we actually did that!

  • Africa Oil Week 2018


    Highlights from Africa Oil Week 2018. Held at the CTICC, Cape Town, South Africa.

  • AfricaCom 2018 Official


    Goosebump Productions were the official photographers at the AfricaCom 2018. It was huge taking up the entire CTICC1 AND CTICC2 – so we had to do a lot of running!