Wedding Video Production

Our distinctive wedding DVD’s are beautifully filmed using full HD cameras to give you that unsurpassed picture quality. The footage is then creatively edited into a sophisticated, fun, intimate, emotional, elegant, romantic, unique, fresh and compelling work of art that truly reflects your individuality and style.

For samples of our wedding videos please take a look at our online portfolio and let our videos speak for themselves:

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This package is modern and simplistic and it captures all the details and the magic moments that the bridal couple may have missed on the day. It also includes coverage of the guests.
This package usually consists of a double DVD set.

DVD 1 typically contains 3 menu options:

  1. highlights – a summary of the day’s events edited to one song of your choice (3-5 minutes).
  2. entire day – all the magic moments of the day summarised into a powerful and concise 35-45 minutes. This version only includes highlights for the speeches and the ceremony. The full versions of these are found on DVD 2.
  3. scene selection – allows you to jump to specific scenes from the entire day.

DVD 2 typically contains 2 menu options:

  1. ceremony – the entire ceremony
  2. speeches – all the speeches

Should you wish, we will also publish your highlights video online, so you can share it with your friends.

This DVD is normally about 1:30 to 2 hours long, and includes:

  • 8 hours of coverage
  • an opening title sequence reflecting your wedding style
  • church and reception venue detail
  • guests arriving and greeting
  • the bride preparing for the big day (where appropriate)
  • the groom preparing for the big day (where appropriate)
  • the groom waiting apprehensively
  • the brides arrival
  • the ceremony highlights: walking down the aisle, music, vows, exchanging of rings, signing the register
  • post-ceremony: throwing of confetti & congratulations by wedding guests
  • fun moments during formal family photographs
  • intimate moments during the bridal party photograph session
  • bridal party arrival at reception venue
  • highlights during the speeches and toasts
  • caterers serving the meal or guests enjoying themselves at the buffet
  • the complete 1st dance
  • cutting of the cake
  • throwing of the garter and bouquet
  • party scenes
  • customised DVD menus that match your style
  • elegant titles using fonts and styles from your stationary
  • background music of your choice
  • DVD2 included the full ceremony
  • DVD2 will include the full speeches
  • 3 personally customized DVD’s
  • coverage with 2 manned cameras
  • DVD’s couriered to your door

This package excludes: (unless specifically negotiated)

  • anything that happens outside of the agreed 8 hour window
  • guest interviews

Please note that we do add a 15% surcharge for public holidays and long weekends.


The following options can be added to any of the above packages

Guest Interviews
Selected guests are interviewed throughout the day. They are asked to comment on the evening and on the couple.
Engagement session
A love story montage of the Bride and Groom, along with titles, and edited to music. Photos, Slides, VHS footage and old film material can all be used to create an interesting opening sequence. This sequence could also be shown on the wedding day.
Additional camera
For more complete coverage you may opt for an additional cameraman.
Additional DVD’s
Blu-Ray HD disc

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Why would I need two cameras?
During the speeches and the ceremony it is important to focus on the person delivering the speech / sermon. This is the task of one camera, the 2nd camera focuses on the reaction shots of everyone else, like the laughter, crying etc… This is what adds life to the video. Without this camera the video would be a mere record of events without any emotion.

Music used on the DVD
We do ask that you select the music to be used on the DVD. We typically ask for 10 songs, and these should include any songs that are played during formal occasions on the day, like the wedding march, the entrance song, the 1st dance, as well as a selection of music that suites your style and means something to you as a couple.

Start and End times:
Videographers typically arrive about 2 hours before the start of the ceremony. We film for a total of 8 hours. Additional hours are charged at R500 per hour. This arrangement can be made on the wedding day.

Payment Terms:
We require a non-refundable 50% retainer to secure the date with the balance due before the wedding date.

How do you dress?
We dress smartly, usually black in order to blend in.

Do we have to provide you with a meal?
No, but we would like to be made aware of your catering plans, so we can make appropriate arrangements.

Won’t the lights & video cameras annoy guests and ruin the atmosphere?
We normally work without any additional lights, which can involve trade-offs. While it is possible to record in a dimly lit reception area, extra light will improve the video image. You may prefer to have additional light during the speeches and formalities so that the audience, as well as the cameras, can see people clearly, this is up to you. Our cameramen try and work as discreetly as possible. We never interfere with the moment – we are merely there to capture it.

Is it possible to film in high definition?
Yes, we shoot all our productions on full HD video. DVD video is however a standard definition format, so we encode the footage to fit on a DVD. Blu-Ray discs are available (see optional extras).

When can we expect to get our completed DVD?
We have a maximum turnaround time of four months, but we always try and get the video completed as soon as possible after the wedding and usually within the 1st two months.

Do you edit the wedding video?
Yes! This is where we spend a lot of time, tweaking and fine tuning until it is perfectly in sync and all the bad or boring bits are cut out. We typically spend about 40 hours on the edit!

Am I guaranteed that Mark will be the one showing up to film my wedding?
Mark is actively involved in the filming and editing of each wedding, whenever possible and subject to work load. We may make use of an additional cameraman or two, but Mark directs the cameramen and does all the important filming and oversees all the editing.

Is there an additional fee for different arrival / departure times?
Yes. We offer 8 hours of coverage. Videographers typically arrive about 2 hours before the start of the ceremony to film the last hour of the bridal preparations. We then shoot for 8 hours. If you would like us to film for longer than that then we charge R500 per hour. This arrangement can be made on the evening.

My fiancé hates posing for photos and the idea of having a videographer follow his every move terrifies him, and he doesn’t want that extra stress on the wedding day.
Don’t worry, you are not alone! This is actually one of the major concerns many brides-to-be have. I suggest you take a look at some of the feedback from previous clients listed below.

Will the unedited footage be available?
Unfortunately not.

You give 3 DVD’s as part of some packages – do they all contain the same thing?
Yes all the DVD’s contain the same video. The reason we give 3 is that the couple usually gives one to both sets of parents.

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Danny-K and Lisa (SA musician)

 “We just LOVED the video you did. You are THE MAN !!!”

Sonia & Matthew Booth (Bafana Bafana)

“We are extremely happy, thanx for your professionalism.”

Hein & Melindi Wegner

“I fear that my vocabulary could not possibly do justice to the emotions in my heart. Thank you so incredibly much for the amazing work you did. We couldn’t have possibly asked for anything more beautiful or more accurate. You captured all the emotions of the day and dubbing Pieter’s sermon over the visuals was just genius. We will now forever remember his wonderful words. Thank you for being a part of it all and yet never intruding ? if you know what I mean. Thank you for giving us the biggest and best wedding gift we could ever have wished for.”

Mike & Bailee Roberts

“Mark Chipps from Goosebump Productions was an absolute pleasure to have around on the day. He was calm and down to earth and most of the time you didn’t even know he was there. But when I got my wedding video I realised he was there and he got ALL of the most beautiful and special moments on video. He has truly gifted us with a wedding video that we can watch over and over again (and I have done). Some of the best spent money on the day!”

Lauren & Mark Mathews

“We are loving the video! Thanks again for such a stunning video, you really have done an outstanding job.”

Christel & André Olivier

“WOW! What a stunning wedding DVD! The best we have ever seen. I can only say excellent camera- and art work, and I really appreciate the attention that you have given to detail and all the sentimental thingies. A really precious memory, thank you!”

Clive & Tracy Hon (Clive was totally against having a video!)

“Overall style and feel of the whole video was fantastic. Footage was beautiful. The video was light, funny, creative, emotional, close-ups and perspective shots etc. was terrific, flow was excellent and music was a good fit. We loved the way you included footage of the place, nature, captured people’s emotions, lots of humour and the mix between scenes was very cleverly done so we never got bored and it had our attention the whole time!! Importantly, Clive never noticed you were there and when he saw the video he cried and laughed the whole way through! THANK YOU for making it so special for both of us!!”

Lindy & Alwyn

WOW I’m speechless!!!!! how amazingly you captured our big day! thank you so so much!

Shaun & Sam Swart

“There are so many words going through my mind about how wonderful you’ve captured our day! Yet the biggest one of all is THANK YOU to you & your family, who gave up precious time to be a part of our day! We would not have it any other way! You bring that day to life – even watching it feels like you’re there, part of the love, laughter & joy!”

Steve Marriott (Steve was totally against having a video!)

“It was an absolute pleasure working with you, the production is fantastic (coming from a non-believer) and we’ve had very positive feedback from everyone who has seen it.”

Leonie & Radie Kotze

“Woweee Mark, that is unbelievably beautiful! Thank you for capturing those memorable moments. It was the best decision we made!”

Nancy & Andrew Keggie

“Thanks so much for doing such a fabulous job, my whole family were highly impressed with you and the DVD.”

Chanel & Elmar Lotz

“I don’t know what to say – except that the DVD is incredible! The most amazing memory package I could ever imagine! I absolutely love it and I’ll probably still say that a million times. Thank you so much for capturing everybody’s emotions, the fun, tears… everything! You are so good – it’s unbelievable! I love the music you chose for the different scenes. The outside shots are great and the bit you did with the church window was so pretty. The ending is like a really cool music video – with people you know! Thank you so much – I’ll always be grateful.”

Cindy & Craig Blanchard

“I don’t even know if thank you covers what we want to say to you. The dvd is amazing, more than we could have ever dreamed of or hoped for. Thank you so much for making it so special!!!! It was a pleasure having you there on the day and now you’ve managed to capture one of the most important days of our life in true splendour.”

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