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  • A beautiful story

    Siko © Mark Chipps-8228

    This is a beautiful story. A few months ago we were asked to do a video for the Players Fund – they support rugby players that get very badly injured. So we decided to focus on one particular guys story. Siko. When he played rugby he got the nickname of Vic – because he played […]

  • The River Club

    River Club 2016-03-04 © Goosebump Productions-0339

    Seldom have we felt as welcome as we did at the new, re-imagined River Club. If you have a vision of the old establishment then I suggest you toss that out and go and experience the updated version. My whole family loves it and we are not even golfers. Through our work we get to […]

  • Heart FM 1st Mobile Outside Broadcast

    Heart Outside Broadcast-4906

    Goosebump Productions was privileged to be part of the Heart FM Drive325 team, who, on the 18th March headed out from their Greenpoint headquarters in their OB van, braving the Friday afternoon traffic, to bring a little cheer to those stuck during Cape Town’s rush hour. Heart FM’s first mobile OB van transmission of a […]