Goosebumps are those bizarre emotion-linked reflexes that occur involuntarily when an intimate emotional connection is made. Goosebump Productions aspires to invoke similar emotions through our films.

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  • What they’re saying

    “The professionalism in which the work was done, the initiative that was shown and the fresh ideas that were implemented during this process was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. We had amazing feedback from our clients.” Hardus Zevenster (CEO: Radio Tygerberg 104fm)

  • Why choose us?

    We use resourceful crews, are honest about expenses and pay attention to detail. No production is too big or too small and we will adapt our approach to suit your style.

  • What do we do?

    We offer affordable DVD video production and photographic services. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • We have a conscience.

    One of our favourite clients is the WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature) for whom we have produced numerous documentaries and training videos.


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Recent Posts

  • The Lighthouse Fund

    This was a photo shoot for the Lighthouse Fund crèche in Masiphumelele township.

  • OpenBox Recruitment Video

    OpenBox asked us to make a recruitment video for them. Check it out, but be warned – you may just want to change jobs!

  • Ubuntu Africa

    We recently did a fun photo shoot for Ubuntu Africa – Comprehensive Care for HIV Positive Children in Khayelitsha.